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Black Castor Oil Shampoo
Black Castor Oil Deep Conditioner
Herbal hair grease. Hair and Scalp Conditioner
Hair Butter. Hair Moisturizer
Hair Growth Oil
Detangling Hair Mist. Leave-in Conditioner
Beard Oil. Massage Oil for Men








Best Seller

Hair Growth Oil. Hair and scalp treatment
Herbal Hair Grease. Hair growth
Deep Conditioner. Hair Moisturizer

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Client Review

First of all, the hair growth oil is the truth!!!! I have suffered from hair loss due to a medical diagnosis and I started using this hair growth oil and I have seen a tremendous difference in my hair. My edges are thriving once again. The oil keeps my hair hydrated, it’s lightweight and smells amazing. I use it daily and I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. “

-Melissa Cobb

Tips From The Expert


To attain and maintain healthier hair, hydrating the strands is key. Using KNB hair butter, leave-in detangling hair mist, and herbal hair grease to name a few, are excellent ways to add moisture to the hair.


Use Little to No Heat

Excessive heat will damage your strands during styling. Try letting the hair air-dry rather than use a blow-dryer. If you must use a blow-dryer or any curling or straightening tools, use a heat protectant.

Create a Haircare Routine

Once you’ve identified your hair type, follow up with products specifically for your hair. Luckily, KNB Haircare caters to all hair types. Keep the hair hydrated by using moisturizers such as creams, conditioners, oils, and grease. Use moisturizers daily or weekly. Trim hair monthly to avoid split ends. Wear protective styles.