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Frequent Asked Questions

1. Do KNB products work for Alopecia?

Alopecia is a medical condition that causes sudden hair loss. There is no cure for Alopecia. KNB Haircare products aids in most hair loss situations.

2. What product works best for growing and thickening of the hair?

All KNB Haircare products provide growth and thickening benefits for the hair. The hair growth oil and herbal hair grease are highly recommended.


3. Can I use these products on children?

Yes. Our products can be used on all ages.  K-N-B Haircare, LLC. specializes in all-natural products that may includes tree nuts. Please consult with your health physician.

4. Can I use the hair butter on my scalp?

The hair butter is designed to replenish moisture to the hair and repair damage/split ends. For best results, use on hair and scalp.

5. How do I use these products?

KNB products works best on clean hair. Once cleaned, Use up to 3 times per week for best results. All items can be used as a pre-wash treatment for extra dry and brittle hair.

6.Can I leave the deep conditioner in overnight?

For best results, use the deep conditioner as recommended up to 30minutes per treatment.

7. Can KNB products be used on the skin?

KNB Haircare products are formulated to work on the hair, beards, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Please use as instructed. External use only. 

8. Could KNB Haircare products be used on chemically processed hair?

Yes, KNB products work well on all hair types. Please do not exceed recommended usage for the best results.

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